Georgia Ports Authority


Maintain Visibility 24/7

The movement of cargo doesn’t happen only between 9 and 5, and neither does your need to track where that cargo is and when it’s going to get to its destination. WebAccess, a real-time, Internet-based information service of the Client Relations Center, allows 24-hour access to vital container information via a Web-browser interface.

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Managed by Navis’s SPARCS and EXPRESS integrated terminal software, WebAccess provides truckers, brokers, forwarders, consignees and ocean carriers with immediate answers to their cargo questions in a flexible, customizable format.

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Maximizing Cargo Management

WebAccess maintains full visibility of containers through every step of terminal processing via the following features:

  • Pre-advise Gate Process – Create truck gate transactions before arrival, eliminating most troubles at the gate
  • Customized Reporting – Track relevant information with customized reports that can be converted to Excel® or pdf formats
  • Auto-notification – Receive automatic e-mail or fax alerts as shipment events occur
  • Ship Schedules – Stay up to date on schedule changes with immediate access to arrival and departure times
  • Container and Equipment Availability – Confirm availability and holds to be addressed before gate arrival
  • EDO/Booking Details – Track complete booking information from cargo arrival to loads received
  • Terminal Conditions – Plan schedules by tracking daily terminal activity postings

Whether exporting or importing, real-time updates are always available when you need them, so you can make cargo management more efficient and business more effective.  

Cargo information is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year via WebAccess at

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