Georgia Ports Authority

Economic Impact

Georgia’s deepwater ports foster growth statewide. They drive development and opportunity across a range of industries, reaching every corner of every county.

Statewide and National Impact

  • $106 billion in sales (11 percent of Georgia’s total sales);

  • $44 billion in state GDP (8 percent of Georgia’s total GDP);

  • $25 billion in income (6 percent of Georgia’s total personal income);

  • 439,220 full- and part-time jobs (9 percent of Georgia’s total employment);

  • $5.9 billion in federal taxes.

  • $1.4 billion in state taxes; and

  • $1.5 billion in local taxes.


 Title Description
Economic Impact of Georgia’s Deepwater Ports - FY 2017DownloadJeffrey M. Humphreys, Director; Terry College of Business; The University of Georgia; This summary highlights some of the findings regarding the economic impact of Georgia’s deepwater ports on Georgia’s economy in fiscal year 2017.