Georgia Ports Authority
350,000+ full and part-time jobs

350,000+ full and part-time jobs

Robert Morris
Senior Director of Corporate Communications

Georgia Ports Authority
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Savannah, GA 31402 U.S.A.

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Community & Operations

GPA’s commitment to conducting port operations in a sustainable manner extends beyond the port itself and into our offices and every aspect of our operations. We also recognize that support and involvement in the community is imperative to the success of the Port of Savannah and the community as a whole.

30% less water is used at GPA's administrative building compared to the average commercial building. GPA converted its health and safety office into a LEED Silver building: reducing waster, maintenance costs and energy consumption.

30.3% reduction in the cost to light the container yard through a high-tech new lighting system. To minimize light pollution and wasted energy, GPA uses technology to remotely schedule on/off system operation and track usage.

20,000 tons of recycled crushed concrete were used to construct the cross terminal roadway. GPA's single-stream recycling program allows for a variety of recyclables, thereby keeping products out of landfills.

350,000+ full and part-time jobs across the state are supported by Georgia's deepwater ports. Port operations help preserve Georgia's manufacturing base, support Georgia's agricultural economy, and foster growth of the state's massive logistics, distribution and warehousing network.