Georgia Ports Authority
9 Acres of Diverse Wetland

9 Acres of Diverse Wetland

Robert Morris
Senior Director of Corporate Communications

Georgia Ports Authority
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Preserving Nature

GPA is dedicated to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. We are committed to conducting port operations in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner by using natural resources most efficiently and mitigating impacts to preserve our wetlands and protect natural habitats.

9 Acres of diverse wetlands (at the Garden City Terminal) are protected by the GPA. By directing runoff into wetlands, GPA removes multiple types of pollutants while providing flood control and habitat protection.

16 silt suspension units are online at the Garden City Terminal, substantially reducing the need for maintenance dredging at the berths. The silt suspension units produce a low-velocity flow to keep water moving and reduce siltationthat would need to be dredged.

212,000 turtle hatchlings have been released into the ocean thanks to the Caretta Research Project, a study sponsored by GPA. GPA is dedicated to protecting right whales and loggerhead turtles, and to protecting and preserving tidal marshes.

Runoff from 1,000 acres is treated by GPA’s storm water system, which captures sediment and pollutants. The storm water master plan includes best management practices, reducing sediment, total suspended solids, oil and nutrients.