Georgia Ports Authority

TWIC Cargo Vessel Crewmembers

When a vessel visits a GPA terminal, the vessel's crew commonly needs to work in the immediate vicinity of their vessel (handling lines, taking draft readings, etc.). Some vessel crew may not have a TWIC, or they may not be U.S. Merchant Mariners. Although the dock, pier, or platform the vessel is moored to be defined as a restricted area, there is no requirement to escort any of the vessel crewmembers that do not have a TWIC while they work alongside their vessel. The area of dock directly adjacent to the vessel and extending in shore 18 feet from the vessel shall be designated the Crewmember Confinement Area (CCA), (See Figure 1 below).

  • For those GPA facilities with ship to shore crane operations, the CCA shall extend in shore 18 feet from the in shore crane rail (See Figure 2 below).

  • If a vessel crewmember has a need to enter the restricted area outside of the CCA then he/she is to be escorted by an authorized TWIC holder.
  • As a general rule GPA will not allow vessel crewmembers that do not possess a TWIC, escorted access unless prior arrangements have been made with both the escort and Port Police gate personnel.
  • Cargo vessel crewmembers without a TWIC needing access to any GPA terminal shall arrange an escort in advance through their vessel agent or authorized shipping company representative.

    • Cargo vessel crewmembers will be required to show Port Police a current and valid form of photo identification accompanied by joining papers and/or a shore pass.
    • Cargo vessel crewmembers without a TWIC shall not arrange an escort at any GPA gate.
    • Cargo vessel crewmembers will need to be verified against supporting documentation provided to Port Police personnel prior to entry/exit being allowed.
  • Cargo vessel crewmembers requiring an escort shall not leave the designated Crewmember Confinement Area (CCA) to meet, await or look for their escort.
  • Port Police will conduct a security interface with the Vessel Security Officer (VSO), or his/her designee, of all cargo vessels making port calls at the MTSA regulated facilities owned and operated by the GPA.
  • Port Police will brief the VSO, or his/her designee, on all pertinent GPA facility security rules and regulations during the security interface to include:

    • MARSEC Level of the facility
    • Restricted and secure areas of the facility
    • Access control points
    • Escorting procedures
    • Emergency contact procedures
  • A cargo vessel crewmember may not enter/exit the terminal through personnel turnstiles.
  • If a vessel crewmember is discovered outside of his/her vessel's designated CCA without an escort or a TWIC, they will be escorted back to their vessel by Port Police and be denied access to the facility, or transit through the facility, for violating GPA security protocol.