Georgia Ports Authority

TWIC Emergency and Government Officials

Emergency Response Personnel:

  • Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS personnel who are responding to requests for emergency services are not required to posses a TWIC or be escorted by an individual who does to enter any GPA terminal.
  • Any off-duty state or local law enforcement official employed as a security guard is not acting in the course of their official duties and must have a TWIC.
Elected Officials:
  • Elected officials on official government business are not required to posses a TWIC, but must be authorized to enter.
  • Elected officials shall not act as an escort for other persons who do not posses a TWIC.
Other Government Officials:
  • All other Government officials will be required to possess a TWIC and shall enroll their TWIC in the GPA credentialing system.
  • Government officials will not be permitted to conduct escorts on any GPA terminal.

Federal Officials:
  • Federal officials, who include any employee of the Federal government, may only gain unescorted access during the course of their official duties. They must present their current agency credentials for visual inspection.
  • Federal government contractors with Federal government-issued HSPD-12 compliant credentials may be considered Federal officials.