Georgia Ports Authority

TWIC Policies and Procedures


The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) will adhere to the regulations and enforce the provisions of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA), as applicable, at each of its federally regulated maritime facilities (Garden City Terminal, Ocean Terminal, Colonel’s Island and Mayor’s Point).

Effective December 1, 2008 all persons seeking entry to GPA terminals must possess a Transportation Worker Identification Credential ‘TWIC’ and a current GPA credential or be properly escorted within the restricted area pursuant to 33 CFR Parts 101 and 105. The GPA reserves the right to deny entry to any person regardless of TWIC status.

All persons specifically authorized to conduct escorts on GPA terminals must be properly trained in advance.

Authorized visitors may be granted access with a visitor pass up to five (5) times in one (1) year before authorization to enter is permanently denied.

GPA will not allow persons without a TWIC escorted access unless previously arranged with both the escort and port police gate personnel.

All Trains entering GPA terminals must have at least one rail worker with a valid TWIC and GPA credential.

On a limited and approval only basis GPA will allow properly trained and authorized persons to escort visitors who do not possess a TWIC.

Any person found in violation of GPA TWIC regulations will forfeit his/her access privileges and in addition, said person may be banned from GPA terminals permanently.

Procedures General

The following is an outline of all procedures for the federally mandated TWIC program and how said program will be integrated into GPA facility operations and enforced by GPA security. The program will function in two federally mandated phases: (1) the flash pass phase, (2) the biometric phase.

Phase one will be approximately 18 months or less in duration and will require all terminal users and workers to posses and present a valid TWIC to GPA security personnel. GPA further requires that all port users and workers also possess a valid GPA issued credential which must also be presented to port security personnel.

Phase two requires implementation of biometric readers to authenticate the TWIC and validate the identity of the TWIC holder. The TWIC will also be checked against a current hot list of revoked or stolen cards.

GPA is working to accelerate its security operations to Phase two. This is allowed by federal regulations and will help reduce personnel requirements as well as facilitate the flow of cargo while meeting and exceeding federal security regulations.