Georgia Ports Authority

TWIC Turnstiles and Rail Workers

Mantraps / Pedestrian Turnstiles:

  • All GPA users who report to work using the turnstiles will be required to possess a valid TWIC and a GPA credential.
  • Escorting of non-TWIC personnel will not be permitted through GPA turnstiles.

Rail Gates / Rail Workers:
  • The rail worker who does possess a valid TWIC and is enrolled in the GPA credentialing system may act as an escort for those workers on the train not possessing a TWIC.
  • A rail worker with a valid TWIC may not escort more than five other rail workers and must ensure that the other non-TWIC rail workers do not leave the train while on any GPA terminal.
  • All rail workers entering any GPA terminal must possess a valid and current credential from their rail employer.
  • All trains entering GPA terminals will be subject to Port Police inspection of the rail worker’s TWIC and to ensure authorized access.
  • Rail workers who do not possess a TWIC will not be permitted to exit the train and go beyond the rolling-curtilage of the train or train tracks.