Georgia Ports Authority

TWIC Visitors

Parking and Escorts

Visitors (in POV's):

  • Visitors with a TWIC in a POV may be authorized by Port Police to enter through general traffic gates upon presentation of required credentials.
  • The visitor must establish a convincing business need to enter the facility.

    • Visitors or their sponsor must give prior notice to gate personnel electronically via the web based GPA Visitor System.
  • Authorized visitors will be issued a distinctive pass that must be displayed at all times while on the terminal.

    • Visitors are required to show Port Police personnel a valid form of photo identification.
  • Visitors are required to surrender their visitor pass to Port Police upon departure.
  • Visitors needing an escort shall not go to any GPA access gate(s) to meet, await or look for their escort. All visitors must report to the respective terminal’s visitor parking area. They are as follows:

    • Garden City Terminal: Designated visitor parking areas are located at Gate(s) 1 and Gate 5. Escorted visitors may ride onto the terminal with their escorts from these locations.
    • Ocean Terminal: Visitors shall park their vehicles in the Designated Visitor's parking area located at Gate 2 only.
    • Colonel's Island: Designated visitor's parking is located within ILA lot in close proximity to the main gate.
    • Mayor's Point: Designated parking is located at the Administrative Building parking lot.
Visitors (Commercial Vehicles):
  • Drivers and passengers without a TWIC will be denied access to GPA terminals. Escorting is not permitted.
  • Drivers and passengers with a TWIC but without a valid GPA credential will be directed to a trouble kiosk for visitor pass processing.
  • Upon departure the driver or any passenger in the driver's vehicle must surrender their visitor pass to Port Police personnel.
Visitor/ Escort Policy:
  • Visitors will be allowed only for legitimate business purposes as determined by GPA.
  • Visits must be submitted and approved at least 2 hours in advance of the proposed visit.
  • All visitor requests must be submitted though the GPA Visitor System and be approved by GPA prior to entry.
  • The following information must be included in the visitor request:

    • Date & Time of visit
    • What gate the visitor will arrive at.
    • Name & company of the visitor
    • Expected length of the visit
    • Business need for the visit
  • The visitor must possess a valid form of photo identification.
  • All visitors may be subject to random screenings.
  • Visitors will be issued a visitor pass and must clearly display the pass the entire length of their visit.
  • The escort must remain in “side by side” contact with their visitor the entire time they are on a GPA terminal.
  • The escort must contact the Georgia Ports Authority Police Department immediately if they lose contact with their visitor or the visitor is observed engaging in unlawful or suspicious activity.
  • Escorts will be required to meet their visitors in designated areas.
  • A visitor who requires restricted area access more than five times a year will be required to obtain a TWIC and a GPA credential.