Georgia Ports Authority

Y.E.S. Program

Y.E.S. Student Operator Training Program

The Georgia Ports Authority Y.E.S. (Youth learning Equipment and Safety) Program is a valuable work-based learning opportunity that will train, influence, and prepare students to become top performing employees for the GPA.  The Y.E.S. Program will offer on-the-job training that will give the students experience that will specifically meet GPA’s workforce needs.  This program will help students achieve their dreams and develop a world-class workforce for the state of Georgia and beyond.  The Program will include:

  • Developing in-demand skills particularly through work-based training, with special emphasis on equipment operation and safety.
  • Enhancing the student’s employability by obtaining critical sought-after work skills
  • Creating a pathway to connect and mentor with tenured employees
  • GPA career and training development

Our goal is to select eight students from Savannah-area public and private schools, predicated on GPA’s growth.  Those interested in taking part should contact their school administrators for more information.  School administrators will begin accepting resumes February 1, 2020 thru March 31, 2020.