Georgia Ports Authority

In their own words

Those who know logistics, know GPA.
Let them tell you why.

I can’t over state this: Predictability and reliability, particularly as we are trying to improve the velocity of our supply chain, is a very critical piece. Rail access directly into the terminal and as well as access to the interstates make the Georgia Ports a good strategic partner for Caterpillar.
Ed O’Neil • Manufacturing Logistics Services Manager • Caterpillar Logistic Services
Having multiple options with container and breakbulk carriers at the Georgia Ports Authority is very important to us. It helps us deliver that perfect order to our customers. On time. Right quantity. Right quality.
Ryan Hutcherson • Director – Supply Chain • Georgia-Pacific
The efficiency that Rayonier sees in the Port of Savannah, through the Georgia Ports Authority, is not one that we see in many ports. It’s well run. It’s well organized. It’s very efficient. The costs are low. When you are a private enterprise you look for partners that want to operate and do operate like you do.
Paul Boynton, Executive Chairman • President & CEO • Rayonier
The GPA is a bridge to the world. We export to over 100 countries around the world. We can reach all of those countries, all of those ports, all of those destination markets and more importantly all of our customers through the GPA. They’ve done a great job embracing the ocean carrier markets and making sure they are doing all of the things to bring in more services.
Chris Swartz • Director Global Transportation & Logistics Services • AJC International
Georgia Ports Authority has been able to provide a single terminal in one location that allows us to go in and out of one spot — regardless of the carrier, regardless of the chassis, regardless of the dray provider — to come out in one seamless move. That sort of forward thinking by the Georgia Ports Authority has really provided us the opportunity to have that seamless execution. I’d probably call it best in class, as it relates to turn times and our drivers being able to come in and out in a pretty rapid manner.
Reade Kidd • Director of International Logistics • Home Depot
Anytime that we have needed Georgia Ports Authority they have been able to respond immediately. They are only a phone call away. Everyone is passionate about the quality of customer service that they give, and it shows.
Mercedes Hernandez Garner • Manager of Logistics Compliance • Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia