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American businesses, shipping products to destinations across the globe, have chosen the Port of Savannah as a critical gateway in their supply chains.

In the following pages, industry leaders will detail the size and scope of their operations, and how their businesses and the nation’s economic wellbeing would be jeopardized — if not for Savannah’s continued reliable, efficient and cost-effective operation.

Today, the Port of Savannah reaches 44 percent of the American population — roughly 140 million people — within a two-day drive.

It serves as the cargo hub for a region covering the entire U.S. Southeast and reaching into the heartland. Beyond the well-known accolades of being the fourth busiest and fastest growing in the nation, this port creates jobs and economic opportunity throughout the country.

Featured in the center of this publication (Page 14) and at the heart of the Southeast’s ability to continue creating jobs and building for the future is the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project.

The harbor deepening, which has entered the construction phase, will allow today’s larger, more efficient ships to transit the channel with heavier loads and greater scheduling flexibility.

A deepened harbor is important because the shipping industry is moving to larger vessels. In 2016, the Panama Canal will complete its expansion. The new locks will send ships to Savannah that are as much as three times the capacity of ships currently able to transit the Canal.

Major manufacturers and retailers look to the harbor deepening as an important opportunity to become more competitive at home and abroad. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers studies show that Super Post-Panamax vessels more efficiently served by a deeper Savannah harbor will lower shipping costs for containerized trade by $174 million a year.

Decreased costs per container will lower the bottom line for the more than 21,000 U.S. businesses, and thousands of international businesses shipping via the Port of Savannah.

The following testimonials from port customers show how the Georgia Ports Authority is a key part of their supply chain, and why meeting the new industry standard in Super Post-Panamax capacity at the Port of Savannah is vital to the nation’s economy.

Inside Gateway To The World:

Leaders from a diverse group of industries discuss the importance of the Georgia Ports Authority and the Port of Savannah, not only to the efficiency of their own supply chains but also to the nation’s economic growth as a whole.

Stories include:

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  • Home Depot
  • Caterpillar
  • Bell Farms
  • Dollar General
  • Georgia-Pacific
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  • KIA
  • International Paper
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