Georgia Ports Authority

AJC International

Savannah provides global reach

"The Georgia Ports Authority for us is a bridge to the world. We export to over 100 countries. The GPA allows us to reach our customers around the world."
-Chris Swartz • Director of Global Transportation and Logistics Services • AJC International


Founded on over 40 years in agricultural trade, AJC International is a leading global marketer of food proteins — with products sold worldwide in retail, wholesale, food service and the industrial market segments.


Photo: AJC International supplies poultry, meat, pork, seafood, vegetables and fruits from all major producing areas, including North and South America, Europe and Asia.

“The Georgia Ports Authority for us is a bridge to the world,” said Chris Swartz, Director of Global Transportation and Logistics Services. “We export to over 100 countries around the world. And we can reach all of those countries, all those ports, all those destination markets, and more importantly all of our customers through the GPA. We really see the GPA as an extension to our highway system. It allows us to reach our customers around the world.”

In addition to marketing chilled food products, AJC International provides world-class logistics services — tapping truck, rail and breakbulk relationships with food producers, customers, transportation firms and industry service providers. At Garden City Terminal in Savannah, AJC is a major user of the port’s 2,016 refrigerated container rack slots. Savannah is the only U.S. port to use refrigerated container racks on this scale.

AJC International remains the direct transportation link between clients and their cargo. Rail transit is a key strategic advantage, trucking operations are 24/7 and coupled with warehousing infrastructure, there is never anything less than “just in time” to AJC International.

“We pull product from 20 states — as far as Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Arkansas — so that connectivity to the interstate system in the United States is critical to our success,” said Swartz. “It keeps our cost down. It keeps our pricing low and allows us to compete around the globe.”

AJC International defines success by the quality and scope of customer and supplier relationships, product and market knowledge, the ability to build long-term value with proprietary food products and services, and the efficiencies achieved throughout the management and supply chain of global food distribution.