Georgia Ports Authority


Building on a history of success

"Velocity and reliability of delivery on our machines is critical. And so having that predictability and capability inside the transportation infrastructure and particularly the port structure is  critical. Working directly with Caterpillar, the GPA considers the entire transportation and logistics chain, from ship to destination and beyond to best serve our needs."
- Scott Shepard • Director of Logistics • Caterpillar


With dealers in more than 180 countries, Caterpillar Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, gas engines, turbines and diesel-electric locomotives.

Photo: Rail connectivity from the Port of Savannah means cargo owners enjoy daily service to every major destination east of the Mississippi. As the only East Coast port offering two Class I rail providers on a single terminal, Savannah serves as the Southeast’s hub for intermodal moves. 


Caterpillar sets incredibly high standards for specifications, delivery and price. 

Georgia Ports Authority has been helping Caterpillar meet and exceed those standards for years.

“Approximately 40% of our North America machine exports pass through the Georgia Ports for global destinations across Asia, Europe and South America.  This makes the Georgia Ports a critical part of our outbound distribution network,” said Scott Shepherd, 
Director of Logistics for Caterpillar. 

“In addition, the Georgia Ports support both imported machines to our North American dealers and customers, along with imported parts and components for our U.S. factories.”

Creating innovative logistics solutions is a common theme to both Georgia Ports Authority and Caterpillar.